Sacred Commerce

Rowan and I first published Sacred Commerce: The Rise of the Global Citizen in 2007.  Then in 2014, we released the 2nd edition, Sacred Commerce: A Blueprint for a New Humanity. We wrote it as our own blueprint for how we want to live, love, and do business. We have woven into it the best of what we have learned and developed. We know there are many who share our dreams and visions for spiritualizing business and the birth of a new humanity, so we have created, as a training, consulting and business incubation site, with a Facebook page where you can be a part of growing this meme and connecting with us.

Sacred Commerce: A Blueprint for a new humanity.

We are involved in a cultural evolution. No longer are we limited to learning from gurus, teachers, and scripture. The Global Citizens who we are consciously evolving in to have access to all traditions; they can pick and choose and custom-design their own unique spiritual practice and path. The spiritual hierarchy of love and support has spread and awakened consciousness throughout the species so that we are now able to mentor one another.

We are entering the Age of Consciousness. Where in times past the pursuit of higher consciousness was restricted to the very few, in this Age of Consciousness it will be available to everyone – just as in the Age of Information everything we wanted to know became available at our fingertips.

People, the world over are moving towards a new humanity. They are moving away from a narrow definition of humanity centered around religion and nationalism, to one that celebrates Global Citizenship and Spirituality (an ever-growing personal relationship and partnership with the divine).  Global Citizens around the world are now coming together to co-create a new humanity: a new culture, a new economy, a new democracy, a new ecology, and a new spirituality.

Sacred Commerce reverses the common assumption that business and spirituality are mutually opposed, instead regarding business as a spiritual path. It advances the idea that commerce can be a vehicle to raise consciousness as well as a spiritual current towards Self-realization.

Commerce, that intrinsic and basic function of exchanging goods and services, can within this context raise human culture to a level of sacredness that otherwise might not be attained while placing those who practice it on a trajectory of accelerated spiritual growth.

The book explores the history and mystery of commerce and tells the story of the Merchant Priesthood of ancient Egypt who practiced and mastered Emotional Alchemy in their pursuit of Beauty, Goodness, and Truth/wisdom, it also introduces the concept of the Fourth Bottom Line: Purpose, and a new map for self-realization sourced in  Emotional Alchemy, Resonance Causation, and Beauty, Goodness, and Truth — the transformational ingredients necessary to step fully into the Age of Consciousness.

Rowan and Ayman on their Honeymoon in 1993, finding
out about the Merchant Priesthood and the God Bess
at Dendera Temple, near Luxor.