Age of Consciousness

Surfing The Disruption

“The Age of The Caterpillar Is Over,

                                               Humanity Is Becoming a Butterfly!”

Humanity has evolved, from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, all the way to the Industrial Revolution, the Information Age, and now into the Age of Consciousness. In the transition from age to age, the past has to die to make space for the new. Thus, with the chaos and disruption you see all around, all our paradigms are shifting. This time we are going through the transition consciously, and co-creating a new world, not better and improved as in the past but totally new.

Ayman and Rowan recently released “The Age of Consciousness”-mini book-, as a reference and a map for our times – We have always envisioned it as a collaborative book, where we as awakened individuals come together to help navigate through these times. There are no maps to where we are going, but I believe that if we step up together as a community then we can collectively carve new avenues of success, joy, and happiness. The Age of Consciousness is here. People are waking up everywhere, We can go through the transition consciously surfing the disruption or we can go kicking and screaming.

As you Hit on the Butterfly on the photo you will start flipping the pages, it is an 8 minutes book where you can read, we invite you to contribute by adding text, short video’s pictures, etc about your personal experience navigating the transition and surfings the disruption – As this moves forward we will integrate that that resonates strongly with us into the text of V2, V3, V4, etc… So looking forward collaborating with you as we all step more fully into this epic age of consciousness.