Emotional Intelligence

“Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of human energy, information, connection, and influence.”

From Executive EQ, by Robert Cooper & AymanSawaf 1996

Executive EQ is a unique collaboration. In 1996 AymanSawaf suggested the Four Cornerstone model to Dr Robert Cooper and engaged him to conduct a global research survey on emotional intelligence in business and related fields.

Executive EQ

Ayman’s international best-selling book ‘Executive EQ, Emotional intelligence in leadership and organizations’ was the first book to bring the emotional intelligence concept into the business world, a previously unacknowledged connection.  The book (co-written with Dr. Robert K. Cooper), guides leaders and organizations in the practice of emotional intelligence for power, profit and success in the workplace.  Published in 17 languages across 28 countries, universities and key institutions around the world continue to endorse the book as an essential resource.  The book includes the first standardized instrument for assessing emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Other literature and public speaking

Ayman has also contributed to a number of other books, including ‘Flip’, The emotional Alchemist, Change agents and ‘Emotions at work, theory, research and applications for management’, Edited by Roy L. Payne and Cary L. Cooper and published by John Wiley and Sons Ltd.  His contributed chapter about emotions in the new millennium explore the potential, opportunities and profitability of using Emotions as the inner technology of the future.  Ayman has participated in a number of international conferences, mostly as the key note speaker, including conferences in the US, Mexico and the Emotional Intelligence conference of South Africa and Egypt.

In 1999 in Egypt he was the key note speaker at a conference hosted by Dr Adel Sadek and Hussein Hammady.  Dr Hammady and Ayman explored the definitions and terminologies of EQ in Arabic and the need to create awareness for Emotional intelligence in the Arab world.  Unfortunately, with Dr Hammady’s early and unexpected death, Ayman has reluctantly put their collaborative dreams and visions on the back burner until he can find a new partner.

The First Ever Emotional
Intelligence Map