Party-cipatory Philanthropy

In the book Sacred Commerce, Rowan and I coined the term Party-cipatory philanthropy as we processed and explored the meaning of philanthropy or charity and what it means to us..
Party-cipatory philanthropy is a philanthropy that is sourced in empathy, rather than sympathy, and in joy rather than guilt. It is about people coming together to create change, actively participating in projects and watching them grow. Party-cipatory philanthropy requires the individual to take full responsibility for the direction and impact of the service/contribution provided.
We have experimented with few ideas over the years but our favorite contribution is in the domain of bringing emotional literacy/intelligence to the world. We started in 1993 with Feel.org (the Foundation for Education in Emotional Literacy) which we folded into 6seconds.org a few years later . I am on the board of 6seconds and support the organization in realizing its vision. My favorite two components of 6seconds is its social network EQ.org and the Feel.org campaigns. Its “No school left behind“ initiative to supply every school in America with Emotional Literacy programs and trainings and the One million signature campaign to lobby the government to make Emotional Literacy apart of our children’s education .