Aytopia Holdings

Aytopia Holdings

Aytopia Holdings, is a private equity fund and incubator AytopiaHoldings.com.


Current Investments:

Wholelife Network

Wholelife.com is a collaborative community, social media and commerce platform serving the quality of life market and providing its clients with web based applications to help them promote, monetize and syndicate their content product and services.


The “living book” has arrived and it will forever change the way you think about books. At BookSpace, you can write, collaborate, create multimedia ebooks and not only share them on every platform, but keep them alive and updated for as long as you wish.

Aytopia Brands

Aytopia Brands is a cloud-based branding and product sales and distribution company based on an innovative and distributive e-commerce business model that operates in the social commerce market space: personal brand stores and e-franchises.

Kids EQ

A pioneering multi media company promoting emotional literacy at home and in schools. Creator of the 21–book Emotional Literacy series.

Organic Leather

Organic Leather is a pioneer and leader in the organic leather industry. It is a retail and wholesale brand specializing in “organically raised and tanned leather” designer products and hides.

Wholelife Tech

Whole life Tech, based in Pakistan, is a technology company focused on the development and licensing of leading edge social software.

Investment Opportunity

Our team has invested in building the foundation of these businesses over several years and are now looking for additional investment and management partners to begin the monetization and revenue phase of the product cycle.

Our portfolio is created in such a way as to allow investment at the level of the holding company or each of the individual ventures.We are open to partnerships, M&A, or other relationships that benefit all parties.